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Every professional at BML is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible by minimizing valuable downtime, and always maintaining complete adherence to our customer's schedule and budget.

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Server Room IT Upgrade
Facility Utility Link
Spot Cooling System
Chiller Install

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Royal Canin

BML has become a resource for many projects within Royal Canin. BML has been consulted to work along with safety audit upgrades to achieve a safer working environment. We have been their number one source for custom stainless food grade projects which require a high level of quality and attention to detail as is the standard within the Mars company family.

Trophy Foods

BML has had the privilege of working within Trophy Foods to help achieve a more efficient and safer plant. BML has been consulted to design, fabricate and install projects at Trophy’s Mississauga and Calgary locations. As an industry leader within the snack and confectionary business, Trophy Foods requires a high level of food safety and product quality which is achieved, in part, by the many sanitary stainless steel projects that BML has completed.

Sonoco Brantford

Sonoco Brantford recently contacted BML about a project that required the services of several teams, to complete a wet end mainline press frame replacement, that needed to be finished in ten days. By utilizing specialists from all three necessary teams, BML was able to complete this project on time, and on budget.

Apotex Pharmachem

Apotex Pharmachem Inc. in downtown Brantford called BML about the fabrication and installation of an HVAC duct work system, complete with hepa-filtered exhaust. The fabrication and installation was finished within a two month window, to minimize downtime within the facility.

Roof Replacement

Before Kemira Water Solutions could replace their roof, they BML for the removal of large fibreglass stacks, 2 large exhaust fans and all ducting, fans and heaters attached to the roof. BML also completed the installation of all new equipment and ductwork to coincide with the roof replacement, to meet customer timelines and to minimize production downtime.

Server Room IT Upgrade

The City of Brantford called BML for a solution to the heat in the IT room. The IT room required an upgraded cooling system that would better suit their needs, which BML's HVAC technicians installed, on time and on budget.

Facility Utility Link

When Ferrero needed an addition to their HVAC service, they contacted BML. Our technicians installed a Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume system for the utility link, and ensured the project met Ferrero's demanding schedule.

Facility Utility Link

When Ferrero needed an addition to their HVAC service, they contacted BML. Our technicians installed a Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume system for the utility link, and ensured the project met Ferrero's demanding schedule.

Spot Cooling System

Due to the unbearable temperatures during the summer months, Mohawk Linens required a cooling solution for their production line workers, that met their strict budget and time restraints. BML custom designed and installed multiple Daikin suspended cooling coils directly above the work stations, providing the necessary spot cooling, with minimum downtime.

Chiller Installation

Gizeh asked BML to design and install a system that would provide cooling water for their molding process, in their new production facility. This was accomplished by the installation of a Motivair Free Cooling Chiller that meets cooling needs via an ambient coil in the winter months, and a conventional chiller during the summer months.

Heating Retro-Fit

The Superior Court of Justice, one of downtown Brantford’s heritage buildings, was recently in need of upgrades to their hydronic heating systems. They were quickly fitted with new energy efficient pumps and controls that will lower their regular service costs. BML accommodated their demanding schedule to prevent any disruptions to the important services they provide.

Backflow Preventer

New municipal regulations required Mohawk Linens to install an 8 inch backflow preventer and safety showers. BML was able to complete this project without interrupting this busy laundry service’s production.

Dragline Conveying System

Opta Minerals called BML when they needed to reduce dust in their production process. CWB certified millwrights designed and completed this complex project to meet all the customer’s requirements. BML installed the product blending equipment system within the tight 3 month window, allowing Opta to exceed ministry standards by dramatically reducing dust created from their process.

Lanca Contracting Limited

Lanca Contracting Limited has had a professional relationship with BML for many years, so when they needed a sprinkler system for a newly constructed three storey office building and warehouse, they called BML. BML designed, supplied and installed a new wet pipe system, ensuring all buildings were up to code with municipal and insurance regulations. Work on the 90 000 sq. ft. project began in October 2012, and completed on time in February 2013.

Read a testimonial from Lanca Contracting Limited here.

ATP Manufacturing Facility

Working for Lanca Contracting to create the future home of Anderson Water Systems, BML’s fire protection department finished the design and install of a wet pipe Fire Protection System that included window sprinklers and earthquake seismic restraints, at this 84,000 sq. ft. facility.

Wet & Dry Pipe Systems

The Niagara Regional Police Service Headquarters provides law enforcement to the Niagara region and one of the nation’s busiest border crossings. This new Headquarters consolidated 5 existing police facilities and district operations for Niagara Falls and the Niagara-on-the-Lake police services.
BML was responsible for putting careful thought and planning into Engineering, Designing and installing a variety of complex Fire Protection Systems for this new four-storey Headquarters. These systems included wet pipe systems, dry pipe system, pre-action system, clean agent gas suppression system and window sprinkler systems that included earthquake seismic restraints on all these systems.


BML began a local project for Ferrero in February 2013. The factory requested the supplying and installation of fire alarm and electrics systems. The Fire Protection and Electrical teams at BML were able to complete this project efficiently, while adhering to budget restraints.

Deodorizer Project

When Ferrero needed a process deodorizer installed to meet their demanding project schedule, they chose the experts at BML. Using a 600 tonne crane, BML installed a 350 tonne deodorizer into the existing building, together with interconnecting stainless steel pipe and tanks, and was able to meet Ferrero’s strict timelines.

Landfill Cogeneration Plant

When Brantford Power wanted a system for generating power from waste, they relied on the experts at BML plumbing to install a state of the art cogeneration system, utilizing recovered methane captured from the landfill to operate an efficient generator to produce electricity and heat.

ATP Multi-Tenant Warehouse

BML designed and installed a complete wet pipe Fire Protection System for this multi-tenant commercial warehouse facility. This 52000 sq. ft. facility required earthquake seismic bracing and protection of the 4 300 sq. ft. mezzanine to protect the storage of a variety of commodities.

Wet & Dry Pipe System

BML designed and installed this complete wet and dry pipe Fire Protection System for this 77 000 sq. ft. facility that included in-rack sprinklers and fire hose stations.

IT Room Upgrade

When the Brantford General Hospital needed to relocate their IT room into a reclaimed therapy room, they chose BML to install these new electrical services. The project included multiple 400 Amp electrical services with emergency power, 60KVA uninterrupted power supplies, 15 tonne AC units with humidification control, as well as upgrades to existing fire alarm and security systems. BML met all the critical dates of this complex project, while accommodating the operations and protocols of this active hospital.

Addressable Fire Alarm

Sonoco has been a satisfied customer of BML electrical for over 20 years, a testament to the quality of workmanship provided by BML. When Sonoco had to replace their existing fire alarm systems, they chose BML to bring the 100 000 sq. ft. building up to current Ontario Building Code requirements. BML accommodated production schedules to install this addressable system, while still maintaining fire protection.

Surveillance Suite Upgrades

As an AGCO approved contractor, BML has successfully completed surveillance upgrades for multiple secure OLG locations across Ontario as the prime contractor and project manager. Each project included an extensive upgrade of the power system, including the complete replacement of electrical services, HVAC and UPS systems. This complicated project includes a strict four hour window to switch over to new services to prevent interruption to OLG’s busy gaming sites, as well as accommodating the daily surveillance and security operations.

Gizeh Mtfg. Plant

When Gizeh, an international plastic injection molding company, set up their new production facility in Brantford, they chose the BML electrical department to install their new 1600 Amp electrical service, including distribution of subservices throughout the building to operate three new production lines, so they were able to begin operations in the shortest time possible.

New Staging Area HVAC

Apotex Pharmachem Inc. in downtown Brantford called BML about the fabrication and installation of an HVAC duct work system, complete with hepa-filtered exhaust. The fabrication and installation needed to be finished within a two month window, to minimize downtime.

Turnkey Sheet Metal Install

BML was part of this $24 million dollar, gold level, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project for Union Gas built in Stoney Creek, Ontario. All air handling equipment and ductwork related to this project was installed by BML sheet metal workers, meeting the project manager’s demanding schedule.

Hood Replacement

As the prime contractor to fabricate and install replacement stainless steel hood and ductwork, BML was able to meet Juravinksi Hospital’s very demanding schedule. This project challenged the team to accommodate the schedules of hospital staff and environment which required strict adherence to infection control, including cleaning of the work areas during and after the construction process.

Custom Filter System

Stackpole International chose BML to install large filter units at roof level, to prevent debris from travelling into the environment. Large filter boxes were fabricated in house with custom metal filters including wall unit filtration frames, installed on the cabinet units on the wall exhaust fans.

Chemical Plant HVAC

Cytec Canada called BML when they needed upgrades to their Welland plant's new 1245 square metre building with locker room, showers and laboratory. BML was able to complete the installation of all ducting for heating and cooling with VAV systems and make up air unit for laboratory, as well as the installation of special pvc ductwork for the laboratory exhaust.

IT Room Cooling

The installation of large HVAC units in the IT room with large duct for cooling, was completed in a demanding time frame that involved working around staff and daily hospital operations. The large 2500 lb units were off loaded by forklifts at the loading docks and wheeled through the hospital on custom fabricated carts down to the basement level of the hospital where they were installed in the IT room.

Dust Collector System Install

When Liberty Tire required dust collectors for their Brantford location, they called BML. CWB certified installed four large 40,000 cfm cyclones and dust collectors erecting all the dust collectors in pieces into the frames with a large crane. BML installed the large round ducting into the plant with all the drops down to pick up the dust at the rubber process points, and custom fabricated all the large 16 gauge fittings and duct in-house in our custom fabrication shop.

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